The Privacy Policy

Privacy is important to Us. This Privacy Policy explains our practices regarding collection, use and disclosure of information that may be provided to Us. Please be sure to read this entire Privacy Policy before continuing to use our website or submitting personal data.


This present Privacy Policy applies to the services provided by the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice, referred thereafter as EFGCP, or any contact with a EFGCP representative within the framework of the Good Lay Summary Practice Roadmap Initiative, referred thereafter as GLSP, and its connected services.

EFGCP – European Forum for Good Clinical Practices
Rue de Washington 40
1050 Ixelles (Brussels)

In this document:
  • “We”, “Us”, “The Forum”, “EFGCP” refer to the EFGCP as a Not for Profit Organisation with its Representatives, Executives, and Employees of its Secretariat
  • “You”, “Your” refer to anyone providing personal data within the framework of the GLSP Roadmap Initiative
  • “Personal Data” refers to Your personal information, that can be used to identify You or Your Activities
  • “GLSP Team”, “GLSP Members”, “Initiative Members”, refer to all the stakeholders involved in the development of the Roadmap to Good Lay Summary Practicie Initiative
  • “Public Website”, “Main Website” refer to the publicly available website on to which everyone can access
  • “Account”, “Platform”, “Members Area”, “Private Website”, “Private Area”, refers to the private part of the website to which only registered users can access
  • “Website”, “GLSP Website” refer to the publicly available and private area of the website
  • “Activities” refers to any type of Events, Trainings, or Projects organised by the GLSP Team
  • “Visitor” refers to anyone who is consulting the Public registry or website
  • “User” refers to anyone who has an account and use the private area services provided by the website

The Data Policies

Who is the Responsible for the Data

The GLSP Roadmap Initiative has no legal entity, it is a consortium of stakeholders involved toward a common goal, led by EFGCP and EFPIA. Processing of personal data is performed by EFGCP, and falls under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The EFGCP acts as a data controller and is committed to protect data of the Visitors, Users, and the Initiative Members.

Data Collected

  1. Account Data: Password, e-Mail, Confirmation date and Password Reset Date
  2. Profile Data: Name, Surname, Organisation, Address, Zip Code, City, Country, Stakeholder Status
  3. Billing Data: Billing Name, Billing Surname, Billing Organisation, Billing Address, Billing Zip Code, Billing City, Billing Country, Billing e-mail, VAT Number, Invoice Number
  4. Payment Data: Type of Payment, Payment Method, Dates of Payments, Due Amounts, Due Dates
  5. Preferences & Consent Data: Privacy Policy Consent, Admin Contact Authorisation, Registration Contact Authorisation, Marketing Authorisation, Consent to General Terms of Use and Payment/Refund Policies
  6. Registration Data: Type of Registration, Type of Activity, Registration Date, Registration Status
  7. Correspondence Data: E-mail Exchanges, Telephone Call & Web Conferences

Data Usage

  1. Account Data: The account e-mail address is used to login or password reset, for any technical or admin support related to the use of the Platform, and for all contacts related to GLSP Activities's Advertisement, Registration Procedures, Newsletters, or Administration
  2. Profile Data: The Profile data are used to identify the User in any administrative processes involved for the participation in GLSP Activities or contact with EFGCP. The Stakeholder Status will be used to define Activities registration fees. Name, Surname, Organisation, and Country may be used to draft Activities participants' list that will be share with the related Activitie's Programme Committee. Name, Surname and eMail addresse will be used to register participation to a Virtual Activity in Zoom, from which Name and Surname will be seen by other participants in the Zoom's List of Participant during the Virtual Activity. Name, Surname and Organisation will be used on Participation Badges to identify Face to Face events' Participants. None of those data will be publicly displayed on the Website unless the user consent to it
  3. Billing & Payment Data: Billing & Payment Data will be used by the EFGCP Staff for all Invoicing and Payment related administration. Invoices will be provided to an external contractor who processes Accounting Belgian Legal Requirements for EFGCP. Payment Data and Stakeholder Status will be used to produce anonymous Budget and Statistics.
  4. Preferences & Consent Data: Consent and Preferences on how Data are processed, stored, and used will have to be provided by all Users. Users consent is mandatory to access the GLSP Website's services, Register to any Activities, or Receive Marketing information from the GLSP Initiative.
  5. Registration Data: Registration data will be used by EFGCP together with the Profile Data to process all Registration's admin and handlings necessary to enable the Participant's Access to the related Activity. They will also be used to produce anonymous Statistics.
  6. Correspondence Data: Correspondence Data will be used to process and coordinate the different services provided by EFGCP and for administration around any activities related to the GLSP Roadmap Initiative.

Data Conservation

EFGCP processes all the above information, as data controller in the light of its legitimate interests to Assess anyone's legibility to access the GLSP Website's Services, enable and maintain the Activities and Online Resources Repository, Build anonymous statistics, and process the admin related to the Activities and Membership.

EFGCP will not keep Account Data, Profile Data, and Preferences & Consent Data for more than 1 year after account deactivation. At the end of this period, we will either anonymize or delete the information. Attention: Name, Surname and eMail addresses of the Profile Data will be kept together with the Registration information and all Correspondances, Billing & Invoicing Related information for a longer period of time, and for as long as it is legally required by the Belgian Accounting Legislation.

What are your rights

Under the GDPR, you have the following rights:

Please not that it is your responsibility to update your personal data held in you GLSP’s Online Account. However, EFGCP team may from time to time request You to update Your data. You can ask anytime about whether Your data are still being kept and used.

To exercise this and other rights or to complain about the processing of your data to EFGCP, you can contact EFGCP at any time at the following email address:

You have also the right to file a complaint about this processing with the data protection authority in Your country if you believe it is not performed appropriately.

Please, do not hesitate to contact EFGCP Data Protection Officer at, shall You have any question in relation to Your privacy by sending an e-mail to EFGCP’s Secretariat or by regular mail to

EFGCP – European Forum for Good Clinical Practices
Rue de Washington 40
1050 Ixelles (Brussels)


  1. We use cookies on our website to identify user accounts when logged in
  2. We collect this Personal Data for the purpose of maintaining this Website, related IT systems and/or the provision of other support services, their evaluation or technical support
  3. Passwords are encrypted. They can only be recovered by setting a new password, using the account associated e-mail
  4. The domain is covered by an SSL Certificate. It protects exchanges of data between Visitors/Users and the Website, the Platform, or any other online service provided within the website. Attention: It doesn’t cover services provided by Partners websites, it is up to the Visitor or User to verify that there is sufficient security when leaving the GLSP Website's Environment
  5. EFGCP can access and view all data provided within an account except for the Password and will have the right to delete any data according to the Terms and Use of the services accessed.


Online Payments by Credit Card are not processed by EFGCP. Those Payments will be processed by Stripe Ltd.

Stripe is a trusted and secured online payment platform, more information are available here: Stripe. Credit Card Number, CVC, and Expiry Date data requested to execute the payment on the next webpage will not be stored or processed by EFGCP.

EFGCP will be able to access all the payment data except the Credit Card Information mentioned above. Those data will be used to process all the required accounting administration, and produce anonymous statistics. Refund or reimbursements are subject to the policy agreed when registering to the related activity, subscription, or membership.

Initiatives' Outcomes

Any outcomes produced by a GLSP Activity in which Users or Participants can consent to take part in could be used and published at EFGCP’s own discretion.

Other Data transfer

Links to other sites

Our Website contains links to public and private sector websites (such as EFGCP cannot guarantee that these websites observe a privacy policy in compliance with the GDPR and/or the Belgian Law. We therefore advise users to consult the privacy policy provided by these sites.