Good Lay Summary Practice
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Have you ever tried to read a scientific research paper, only to be met with jargon and technical language that leave you feeling lost and confused The European Union (EU) has recognized this problem and is taking steps to address it with a new regulation on lay summaries.

Starting in 2022, clinical trials run in the EU will be required by a new Clinical Trial Regulation to include a lay summary (or a simplified explanation of the findings), written in language that is accessible to the general public. This is intended to make research more transparent and understandable to non-experts, allowing for wider dissemination of knowledge and increased public engagement with science.

The new regulation is a significant step towards making clinical research more accessible and inclusive and is likely to have a positive impact on public understanding of this research and the role it plays in society. So, in future, your doctor will provide you with a lay summary of the results from the clinical trial in which you participated. Or you can find such information on public websites or in the Public Portal of the European Clinical Trial Information System (CTIS).

Your voice is important

Did you know that you have the power to shape the way medical research is communicated to the public? By getting involved in the lay summary process, you can help ensure that important scientific findings are presented in a clear and understandable way. By lending your voice and perspective, you can make sure that the information is not only accurate, but also relevant and accessible to everyone. So, do not miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this important process – your participation can make a real difference in advancing the future of healthcare.

Become a lay summary patient expert

Are you interested in understanding medical research without needing a degree in science? Then the lay summary training is just what you need! By learning how to effectively communicate scientific concepts in a simple and concise manner, you will be able to better understand medical research and make informed decisions about your health. Plus, by mastering the art of lay summaries, you can help bridge the gap between clinical researchers and the general public, making sure that everyone has access to important scientific findings. So do not miss out on the opportunity to become a lay summary patient expert – your health and the health of others may depend on it!